Catholic Life

The strategic intent at the core of the formation of SELCAT is to create a family of remarkable, authentically Catholic centres of learning.

It is fundamental to the purpose of SELCAT, that our Catholic faith informs all aspects of our life as we walk in the footsteps of Christ together. Thus, the key values and beliefs of our faith should always permeate our day-to-day lives and interactions.

We expect the young people in our schools to be encouraged to explore, develop and affirm their own faith. As schools we strive to provide an environment in which the young people in our care can strengthen their knowledge and understanding of their own faith, developing their own relationship with Jesus, and affords a respect for the faith, belief, and the values of others.​

We will provide a holistic education focussing on developing the whole person. 

We aim to give students leadership and ownership of their faith in an environment where they can understand the meaning of the sacraments and frequently engage with them.

As inclusive schools we will always make provision for people of other faiths also encouraging them to have pride in their own faith.

We embrace colleagues who are of other faiths or none and we will ensure that they have support to understand the ethos of a Catholic school. In so doing, we will create programmes to support non-Catholic teachers in our schools.

The quality of Catholic life across all our schools must reach the highest expectations.  To this end, all pupils must have opportunities to contribute to a wide range of programmes activities.  All school leaders promote, monitor, and evaluate the effectiveness of current provision and address shortcomings with the aim of being excellent Catholic schools as recognised by the Diocese and Ofsted.

Everyone in our schools must have the opportunity to witness and participate in meaningful and engaging collective worship and through wider parish participation.