Headteacher Testimonials


Clare Cribben, St Joseph’s, Bromley

As a headteacher in SELCAT I feel we are a strong community with a clear vision and excellent leadership. Working in partnership with both primary and secondary schools allows us to pull on each other’s expertise and resources and gives all staff the confidence to grow and flourish.

Samantha Gower, St Peter Chanel

We have been part of SELCAT since September 2022 and this has been positive for our school. It has supported us in raising standards due to the quality assurance model in place. There have been great opportunities to collaborate with staff from other SELCAT schools which offers support to staff in our school.

Michael Coffey, St Joseph’s, George Row

Being part of SELCAT has helped us become part of a wide supportive community of schools and professionals all dedicated to providing an outstanding education informed by our Catholic ethos. The support given at leadership level has helped transform our journey forward in providing leadership and staff opportunities for development in creating an ever-improving offer for our children, parents and staff as we look forward to an exciting future.

Jonathan Sims, St Mary's Eltham

As a headteacher who has made the transition from a stand-alone school to a trust, I have had excellent support from the central team in regards to HR, finance, premises and school improvement. This has resulted in increased capacity for me to focus on improving teaching and learning.

Lorna White, St Anthony’s

Having been a headteacher in the London Borough of Bromley for 14 years; over time central services diminished and sometimes it became very isolating. Joining SELCAT has been refreshing, challenging and supportive. Central Services provide excellent services; Finance, Premises, HR and a Primary Director who knows and understands the challenges. There is always someone at the end of the phone. People matter at SELCAT!​

Grace Lodge, St Thomas More Bexleyheath

SELCAT is a family of Catholic schools that provides a range of support across primary and secondary identifying each schools’ unique attributes and using this as a spring board of excellence for all. The Trust provides additional support through specialists and the core team focuses on your school’s own individual areas of development. The level of support is not just for headteachers but filters down to support staff, premises, and all those who a role in the school. As a Trust in its early days only positives can continue to be seen.

Dave Evans, St Columba’s Catholic Boys’

For St Columba’s as a community, being part of SELCAT has allowed us to be part of a family of schools serving south east London – we work collaboratively, something lacking as local authority collaboration disappeared. For me as a headteacher I have worked closely with SELCAT heads, have access to the policy Hub, I get support on HR and Premises as well as rigorous financial support facilitating effective operation of the school.

Blon Byrne, Notre Dame, Southwark

Being part of SELCAT has allowed us all to work collaboratively. At headteachers’ meetings I feel safe and secure that the advice I will be given is sound and offered from a place of care. My staff have welcomed the chance to build links with like-minded professionals working in a shared ethos to serve everyone, love Christ and achieve together.

Stuart Sharp, St Thomas More, Eltham

Each school keeps its own identity yet has the benefit of being able to collaborate and learn from the strengths of the other schools. Most importantly there is very little ego in the meetings so if you are new to headship or experienced, all voices are equal. Having other staff to turn to when needed is invaluable and non-judgemental – an ethos that has developed from the SELCAT leadership.