Our Vision

Responding to the call of the Gospel, we provide a distinctive Catholic education, where all children and staff are empowered, inspired and flourish.

Through shared support and challenge, we aim for excellence and to become beacons of learning and love.


SELCAT’s Vision is supported by our strategic aims: 

  • Mission and Ethos
  • Teaching, Learning and Assessment
  • School Improvement
  • Growth
  • Building a Strong Infrastructure
  • Strengthening Governance

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Strategic Aim 1: Mission and Ethos

SELCAT will become a centre of excellence for Catholic Education. Through our Catholic faith, we will promote the academic, spiritual, emotional and social growth of the individual child and young person whilst developing our staff to be beacons of excellence.

We have committed staff led by effective leaders and supported by teams of dedicated governors.   Our schools will now benefit from a strong professional team at the centre. There is a very strong sense of SELCAT schools coming together and providing mutual support for all members of our family.

We are absolutely determined to set our sights high and aim for sustained improvements on behalf of the children and young people we are proud to serve.

As SELCAT schools we celebrate the unique nature and individuality of each school, whilst understanding that through collaboration our schools are stronger.

We live out the understanding that we are all made in the image and likeness of God by celebrating the diversity of our school communities and fostering an inclusive environment that teaches us all to “love one another as I have loved you”.

Strategic Aim 2: Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Through strategic development and open collaboration, SELCAT will ensure that all our schools provide the very best teaching thus providing the highest quality learning for all our young people. We will also ensure that there are development opportunites and support programmes in place for staff to achieve this.

SELCAT will seek new and creative ways of working, improving impact, effectiveness, and efficiency, whilst holding on to the best of our traditions.

We aim to be a centre of excellence at the forefront of educational thinking. Researching and sharing the most innovative practice nationally and internationally to develop all aspects of SELCAT and its schools. 

Strategic Aim 3: School Improvement

To establish a clear self-sustaining methodology for school improvement.  Based on a collaborative approach, schools will deliver a high-quality education, underpinned by Gospel values and leading to academic success that prepares our young people for an ever-changing world.  This approach must enable rapid improvement where required.

Innovation viewed as part of evolving practice and improving systems across the SELCAT family leads to greater progress for all. 

A systematic approach to sharing expertise within the trust will be facilitated by the central team with access to phase and subject expertise. Developing a robust cross-phase, peer-to-peer review process, which is  externally validated.

Strategic Aim 4: Growth

We are committed to growing our partnership to enhance the sustainability of the Trust and our ability to add value to the schools within our family.  We recognise each school will have its own unique context and will therefore consider requests to join on a case-by-case basis.  Some schools may wish to join as a collection of schools. For example, a hub could be made up of a collaboration between primary and secondary schools, just secondary schools, or it could be a group of primaries who have already built-up relationships and would like to continue this journey together, enhancing current relationships, whilst taking advantage of the benefits SELCAT offers. 

As the trust grows it will adapt and evolve according to the needs of its schools and their communities.  This will necessitate the creation of regional hubs.

Strategic Aim 5: Building a Strong Infrastructure

As a Trust we will aim to provide challenge and support to the Headteachers of our schools within the constantly shifting demands of education.  We will share resources and skills for the benefit of all our schools as they continue their journey towards providing an outstanding Catholic education.

SELCAT’s strategy is dynamic and responsive to changing circumstances but remains true to its vision and mission. Working collaboratively, all schools within the Trust have a voice.  Their contributions and feedback are not only welcomed but expected. This strategy will be implemented through policy and practice.

SELCAT will enable school leaders to focus on their core educational purpose by delivering outstanding central services.

Strategic Aim 6: Strengthening Governance

Through the development of central governance support we will ensure a comprehensive governance framework setting out  clear roles and responsibilities. Having a robust framework, governors will be able to continue to work strategically towards the school and Trust’s objectives.

SELCAT will work, in conjunction with Trustees and Local Governing Boards, to enhance the scheme of delegation, and provide a training programme that develops the skills and experience of our Trustees and Governors.

The Nolan Principles of Public Service are applied at all levels of Governance.