Working in Partnership with SELCAT

SELCAT has been developed to protect and enhance the life and experience of those who attend and work within our Diocesan Schools.  

Our moral purpose, at the heart of our identity, centres around supporting an extraordinary experience of Catholic education. In order to safeguard and enhance our moral purpose, we believe that it is vital that Catholic schools work in partnership.  SELCAT will promote local clusters of schools working in specific areas.  These clusters will benefit from both their local relationships and inter-cluster relationships across all schools in the SELCAT territory.

We have a robust and secure system of local governing boards – that will continue to lead strategically in the development of their individual schools.  This work is underpinned by the principles of the Trust supported by the Board of Trustees.

Local Governing Bodies retain a significant role in the direction of their school.  They remain responsible for Headteacher performance management, local admissions, school appointments and the delegated budget. They also remain responsible for a number of individual school policies such as curriculum and behaviour.

Working in partnership develops the skills and professionalism of all staff. It provides staff within our schools, both large and small, the development opportunities that will help them retain the expertise that they already have at teaching, administrative, support and leadership level.  This means SELCAT will ensure that our focus is always on investment in high quality professional development across the Trust.

The educational landscape is ever changing.  More than ever, educational establishments will benefit from joining SELCAT and building collaborative partnerships in order to continue to be challenged and to improve our offer.